Our Approach

Two years in the making, we cut no corners and always erred on the side of quality over cost cutting. When you buy a cheap glove you get what you pay for. Hopefully the below gives you a little glimpse into the care we take to provide you with a glove that has superior fit and feel because as Ben says,

There are no shortcuts in the quest for perfection.

–Ben Hogan

Source The Finest Leather

When conquistadors landed in South America they found straight haired sheep, which they thought were small goats. They called them Cabretta, which means small goat. Today the finest breeds of Cabretta sheep can be found in warm climate regions. We source our skins from the purest of breeds in Ethiopia.

Embrace A Tanning Tradition

Our leather making process was perfected over the last 200 years. There is no shortcut to creating high quality, durable, and soft leather. The tanning process extends how long the leather stays soft, introduces perspiration resistance, and water resistance.

Perfect Small Batch Craftsmanship

After choosing only the highest quality hides our factory die cuts each hide leaving only a few remains that contain natural scars from the animal's daily life. These cuts of leather are then matched for color and hand sewn. We check every glove before inserting them into our packaging.

Developing The Perfect Pair

To extend the life of our gloves we worked with our designers and engineers to develop new packaging that promotes airflow post play and includes a layer of anti-microbial material to dry out the glove and maintain its soft and supple feel.

We promote the re-use of our packaging after each round to get the most out of your glove.