Our Materials

Great products start with great raw materials. That is why we have partnered with some of the best makers of leather and wood to create superior products for our customers.

Pittards Leather

In 1826, Pittards was established by Charles Pittard in England as a leather dressing business, supplying the many glove makers in the local area of Yeovil, Somerset. Originally, Pittards worked only with local Somerset sheepskins, but in the early 20th century, the company began sourcing from Africa. It was recognized that the fine hair follicles and high tensile strength of Cabretta, or “hairsheep,” skins were more suitable for glove-making.

Wickett & Craig

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is one of the world’s premiere vegetable tanneries. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces deep-colored leathers of superior quality. Wickett & Craig have been perfecting the art of leather making for more than 150 years using only North American steer.

Atlas Dowel & Wood

Atlas Dowel & Wood set up shop in the western suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1949. In the early 1980's, Atlas switched from lathe turning to centerless grinding, which is common with metal, but rare in the turning of wood.

Their products are made in the United States and they are committed to responsible forest management. Atlas has been decreasing its carbon footprint, utilizing our planet’s natural resources to their fullest potential while reducing overall waste.